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The U.S. Enters a New Phase in Syria and Iraq. “Prof. William D.Fusfield:”

Recent operations to liberate Mosul and the advances of the Syrian army that destroyed ISIS and rebels under the auspices of the United States and new developments in the Middle East, were persuading TIIS to have an interview with  the former Professor Emeritus retired at University of Pittsburgh  Prof. William D.Fusfield:

1-What will the United States do after the defeat of ISIL in Iraq and Syria?They will try everything they can think of to keep U.S. troops illegally within the country, in hopes of still using their many remaining terrorist proxy groups to overthrow Assad as the neocons are as desperate to do as ever. In fact the military spokespeople are already claiming that the U.S. must maintain a hefty “training and support” military presence to “stabilize” the country! That is truly a risible claim and no one outside the Pentagon or State Department or American MSM watchers will fall for it.  Stabilize indeed!  And no doubt in the same lovely manner in which they have already “stabilized” Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Libya, Somalia, Honduras, Yugoslavia and on and on, i.e. by turning Syria, just like all of the others into a completely chaotic and warring “failed state. Of course when that preposterous claim is fully debunked they will find some other and equally nonsensical excuse for maintaining their never stabilizing but always, and intentionally chaos creating military presence in place while covertly increasing its strength.


2- In your opinion, in the tension between Qatar and Saudi Arabia what will US do and also stands beside of which country and why?

The Tyke man has already clearly chosen to side with the barbaric feudal regime in Saudi Arabia over the only somewhat less reckless Qataris. They may well even openly support the Saudis’ efforts to destroy Qatar, and they will do that, both because Saudi Arabia is far more important to the U.S. economy than Qatar, but also because a defeated Qatar can provide no assistance to their next “regime change” target in the region, Iran.

3-Is the new US government (Trump) seeking to eliminate the EU and its relations with the union?

While Trump is hardly a fan of the EU, I don’t believe that he will take any dramatic action to eliminate it, especially now when it is already falling apart on its own!! The neocons have managed, at least for now, to keep him from pulling out of NATO altogether or making yet further demands that they “pay their own fair share of the costs” involved in keep that useless and increasingly dangerous alliance alive. Trump is already under heavy pressure from the many neocons in this own administration and the still more nefarious “deep state” to toe their line that NATO, which has long since lost its raison d’être must be preserved and even strengthened.  Had the man any intelligence whatsoever he would have immediately realized that the neocons in both parties are determined to destroy him and hence have purged all of the neocons in his administration and as many as possible in . The Damn autosen sent the message off before I finish!!  Why did FB design such a horrible messenger?  Anyway, if he had any intelligence and realized the severe danger the many powerful neocons in both parties present him with, he would have purged as many of them from the deep state and State Department, and especially all of them in his administration over which he has more control.  Instead he has chosen to try to appease them.   I doubt that will work for him, however, and expect to see soon that the remaining rogue neocons in the government bureaucracy will again steal his Commander in Chief role, as they have already done quite dramatically on at least three occasions, and reignite the war in Syria by hook or by crook, or more precisely by further false flag attacks on the Assad government in Damascus.  If he allows them to over-ride his authority on foreign and especial war policies yet again, he will simply become an impotent laughing stock and merely titular president, who will thus also not be able to get his thoroughly reactionary and even cruel domestic agenda enacted — thank God. He has already been defeated by the Senate Republicans on eliminating Obama care and implementing the anti-healthcare bill, which is actually only yet another tax break give away to the ever richer top .o1%. So, all in all, Trumps days as even a partially effective president are probably already drawing to an end.  Obviously I could be quite wrong on many of my predictions here, and many many things could happen that might quickly give him another chance to regain some credibility before the legislature and the American people, but, as I said, he has already so wounded himself by all of his puerile tweets and gaffes and by his failures trying to get anything done that I would be surprised if he can make any kind of comeback.  He probably will NOT be impeached, however, as the Dems are so hoping, since there is no impeachable offense upon which they will be able to get him, and as the repugns will stonewall and defeat any such attempts should they occur.

I can also rewrite it a bit if you want, since I just banged it out very quickly so some points are made sharply enough. Since you are from Iran, I should probably also stress that Iran plays a crucial role in all of these matters. The neocons, with their usual preposterously inflated sense of their own power, declared many years ago that they planned to target 7 Middle Eastern nations with their “regime change” political, cyber and military. They have now already thoroughly destroyed Afghanistan — where they also now plan to send still more American soldiers to die for the cause of chaos creation. Iraq too is no longer a truly viable

country, despite the heroic efforts of thousands of Iraqis to repair their country from the unspeakable, indeed truly barbaric harms that the American invasion and occupation have caused. Libya, which was until the massive bombings initiated by Hillary Clinton the most prosperous and one of the freest countries in all of Africa, has also been rendered little more than rubble by American and “allied” bombings and the very grizzly torture and murder of Muammar Kaddafi, one of the best leaders on that continent. The current devastation of Syria at the hands of Americans, who, as usual, know nothing whatsoever about the very long and rich culture of the country or why its destruction can only be considered another act of the most criminal and barbaric variety, now that, as in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, virtually ever, structure and building, including invaluable world-heritage museums, libraries and schools etc. have been recklessly and wantonly demolished simply extends the social and cultural mayhem further. similar massive destruction has also been visited upon the people of Ukraine, especially those of Russian ancestry living in the east of the country. But the biggest “prize” for these Imperialist neocon hubris motivated monsters — well aside from Russia, whose government they still dream of overthrowing — has always been Iran, a country which, despite threatening none of its neighbors the neocons are truly obsessed with bringing under U.S. domination, as it was of course when the CIA toppled Mossadegh and installed the universally hated Shah in 1953. In my opinion Iran faces very grave dangers from both the U.S. imperialists and from the Israeli Zionists who are also rabidly tyrannical and vicious. And there is little Iran can do when trying to deal with such irrational and deluded enemies, since no matter what they try to do to restore peaceful relations the neocon controlled MSM propaganda industry will twist it into an [imaginary] threat to the national security of this nation. Since they have repeatedly shown themselves incapable of learning anything from all their past disastrous foreign incursions, I suspect that in time the U.S. will set up some false flag attack and use it as a pretext, however preposterous for attacking Iran. If they try to do this any time soon, however, the growing peace movement in America might well make such attacks futile. But the best defense for the country is, of course, to do just what it is already doing, namely build up its own military forces and make ready to defend itself. But even if the Iranian forces are in fact strong enough to repel such aggression the Americans will probably foolishly attack in any case, since they feel themselves to be militarily invincible. I realize that all of this sounds rather gloomy, but the situation is hardly hopeless, especially if the non-interventionist Donald Trump should manage to reappear and take control of the U.S. armed forces. And yet the total injustice and irrationality of what the U.S. is already doing apropos Iran is truly sickening to anyone who believes in the most basic principles of international law. And the endless media lies about how Iran is “the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world,” when of course that “honor” clearly belongs to the U.S. itself, as people around the globe, but alas not here in the U.S., well recognize, can only serve to heighten the tension between the two countries, which is exactly what the neocons want!! so, in short, what I expect to see within say the next three years is that the Americans, after falsely claiming success in Syria, will start employing the same wretched tools for picking a fight that they are still desperately using right now to “bait” the Syrian government into fighting back against a much more powerful US military. They will thus make all kinds of provocations against Iran and false flag deceptions and attacks as well in a furious attempt to get a massive war started. And if such tactics don’t work they will probably attempt to enforce a naval blockade against the country which will cause enormous and completely unnecessary misery for a country that has always merely sought to live in peace and mutual respect with all other nations


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