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The Remarkable Doctor A. Fauci

Dramatic political and social decisions are being made across the United States and around the world on what emergency quarantine measures and other steps must be taken. In many cases the radical and severe measures, such as shutting down the world economy, are being justified by COVID-19 case projections of …

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The U.S. Air Force Has a Spy Ship in the Persian Gulf

The U.S. Air Force quietly keeps a small, inconspicuous spy ship in the Persian Gulf, presumably in order to keep an eye on Iran’s missile launches. Technically speaking, USNS Invincible—a 224-foot vessel displacing a mere 2,800 tons—belongs to Military Sealift Command, the quasi-civilian branch of the Navy that operates America’s military logistics …

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Chemical and Biological Weapons: The US Government Waged A War Against Its Own Citizens

Matters Demanding a Response from the US Government For the past 70 or so years, the US government waged a war against its own citizens, a reprehensible history of illegal, unethical and immoral experiments exposing countless US civilians to deadly procedures and pathogens. According to a US Congressional investigation, by the late 1970s: “at least 500,000 people were …

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