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NATO Has Been Called Greatest Threat to World Peace: Now Biden Plans Dangerous Expansion That Will Increase Military Spending and Escalate the Risk of War

Biden calls support for NATO a “sacred obligation” as he raises false alarms about alleged military threats from Russia and China Antagonizes Russia further at Geneva summit by calling out its supposedly terrible human rights record—when the U.S. has run secret torture prisons From the moment he was elected to …

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Old and New Official Enemies

Doing his best to justify President Biden’s $750 billion military budget, Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Congress that China’s military has been building its military capabilities at “a very serious and sustained rate.” Well, of course it has been. How else would the U.S. …

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The Copenhagen Summit for Democracy: The New Nazis

On May 10-11 a conference was presented by the “Alliance of Democracies” in Copenhagen that claimed to “unite free peoples” against authoritarianism, to promote the rule of law, to advance the “technological control of democracy,” freedom of expression and US leadership. It was heralded as a forum for guests to hear from prominent individuals …

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While the administration vowed to end Trump’s practice of expelling unaccompanied minors, the practice persists for children from Mexico. THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION is presiding over the systematic and illegal removal of unaccompanied Mexican children seeking asylum at the border, according to a new report, with thousands of vulnerable young people returned …

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