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Poll: Voters Care More About Ending Endless Wars Than Confronting Enemies

Interestingly, the top ‘foreign policy’ priorities are ones that affect people domestically, including jobs and immigration. New survey data released Wednesday shows that Americans prioritize getting out of Middle Eastern wars over confronting Middle Eastern adversaries. The Center for American Progress, a left-leaning think tank, surveyed two thousand registered voters in late …

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Deter, Defend and Spy on Your Friends

There’s no guarantee whatever that the NSA has refrained or will refrain in future from eavesdropping on Washington’s NATO allies. In May there were many media reports concerning Steadfast Defender which is a series of land, air and sea deployments and manoeuvres by armed forces of nations of the U.S.-NATO military alliance …

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AFRICOM Military’s Exercise: The Art of Creating New Pretexts for Propagating US Interests

Phoenix Express 2021, the AFRICOM-sponsored military exercise involving 13 countries in the Mediterranean Sea region, concluded last week. While its stated aim was to combat “irregular migration” and trafficking, the US record in the region indicates more nefarious interests Phoenix Express 2021 (PE21), a 12-day US-Africa Command (AFRICOM)-sponsored military exercise …

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“America Jobs Plan”? Biden’s Disastrous “Infrastructure” Bill

The Biden Administration has proposed what it calls a $2.3 trillion “infrastructure” legislation which it calls the “American Jobs Plan.” Far from addressing the huge deficit in America’s highway, bridges, railway, electric grid, water supply and such economically vital infrastructure that would address critical problems in the functioning of the …

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A memo obtained by The Intercept reveals that CIA-bred fears of “Havana Syndrome” have reached the department that houses ICE and CBP. U.S. GOVERNMENT SUSPICIONS about microwave weapon attacks have apparently spread to the Department of Homeland Security, the nation’s largest federal law enforcement body encompassing agencies like Immigration and Customs …

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The Horrible History of Big Pharma

Important Study by Global Justice Now. “Why we can’t leave pharmaceutical corporations in the driving seat of the Covid-19 response” Any long-term solution to the deadly Covid-19 pandemic involves the discovery and equitable distribution of an effective vaccine and treatment options. Yet, across the world, governments are handing responsibility for …

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