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America’s Unpleasant Fate: Oligarchy or Autocracy

Chris Hedges: The political and economic disempowerment that is the consequence of oligarchy infantilizes a population. The competing systems of power are divided between alternatives which widen the social and political divide—and increase potential for violent conflict. The competing systems of power in the United States are divided between oligarchy and …

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End US War-Making Everywhere

We need a reinvigorated anti-war movement. The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, after 20 years of brutal occupation, should just be the beginning. The United States must also end the disastrous ​”War on Terror,” including the bombing campaigns targeting Somalia and Yemen. And it must also put a stop to the brutal sanctions …

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How Corporate Profiteers Won the War on Terror

The Post-9/11 years have been an unmitigated disaster for nearly everyone—but not the weapons makers and other Pentagon contractors. The costs and consequences of America’s twenty-first-century wars have by now been well-documented — a staggering $8 trillion in expenditures and more than 380,000 civilian deaths, as calculated by Brown University’s Costs of War …

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