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US Deportation Port in Gaza

The US “port” in Gaza is not for getting things IN to Gaza.

It’s about getting Palestinians OUT.

It’s a scheme planned carefully by US-Israel, taking into consideration the needs also of Egypt’s élite etc. Israeli hyper-Zionists have said they would “drive the Palestinians into the Mediterranean” – and that is exactly the point.

So how get to that point ? From around and behind with fake arguments, of course – as usually.

First – starting with the US airdrop to get humanitarian aid into Gaza. Get the world to believe the US government as a “helper” with bleeding hearts and pure humanitarian intentions wanting to alleviate pain for the Palestinians. The world got used to the US airdrops with aid, and criticized it as being inefficient, too little, too slow, too costly. And the US says, “oh, you’re right, instead of air-delivery, let’s do the same more effectively and cheaply, by sea”. So, now the Gaza “port” is being built by the US – and the whole world is duped into believing that the US Gaza port is to help Palestinians stay and survive in Gaza. It is anything but.

Extremely well timed together with Israel, Israel now steps attacks on Gaza and Rafah up again, incidentally at exactly the same time as the US has completed the “port” to Gaza.

Hunger, death, starvation, and endless pain will not descend upon the Gazans – made by Israel, designed with the USA – and no matter what Gazans said about not leaving Gaza, they will soon – very soon – be BEGGING to be let into the US Gaza port and sailed to ANYWHERE in the world where they will not be killed and starved. And with a US controlled Gaza “port”, Egypt will be seen as part of the plot by US-Israel, because Palestinians in this upcoming Nakba will not exodus Gaza through Egypt, but through the sea.

It is undeniable that US-Israel have already planned what countries will take the 2.2 million Palestinians to leave Gaza now. The 2+ million Palestinians soon to be forced out of Gaza will not go to Egypt, not to Jordan or to Saudi Arabia – but to anywhere else on the planet. The EU will take perhaps a million – Germany alone took 1 million Syrian refugees, so the EU as a whole can easily take 1 million Palestinians from Gaza just to please the Americans an keep relations and favors with Israel. Another million Palestinians from Gaza can go to Lebanon, Morocco, to Africa south of Sahara, to South Asia, to East Asia, and so on. Lots of countries will get billions from the US, if they will take one hundred thousand Palestinians. Times 10 countries taking one hundred thousand Palestinian refugees, and it sums up to them taking a million Palestinians.

Thus, 2 million Palestinians go via US “Gaza port” to the whole world.

And Gaza goes to Israel.

Karsten Riise is a Master of Science (Econ) from Copenhagen Business School and has a university degree in Spanish Culture and Languages from Copenhagen University. He is the former Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Mercedes-Benz in Denmark and Sweden.

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