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Why America Needs War

A timely question: Why Does the Biden administration need war, including a $1.2 trillion nuclear weapons program? War against Russia and China is currently on the drawing board of the Pentagon. Numerous US led wars since the end of what is euphemistically called the post war era: Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen…   It’s …

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11 Years of War in Syria

What started as an anti-authoritarian uprising became a brutal international proxy war. However many years pass, the solution remains the same. This week marks the 11th anniversary of the war in Syria. The war in Syria should never have reached its 11th anniversary. Only an international political settlement can put an …

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When a Sick Nation Comes Apart at the Seams

Nation (un)building and planet (un)building, American-style. Let me start 2022 by heading back—way, way back—for a moment. It’s easy to forget just how long this world has been a dangerous place for human beings. I thought about this recently when I stumbled upon a little memoir my Aunt Hilda scrawled, decades …

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The U.S. Military Is a Machine of Impunity

Wartime savagery requires that its perpetrators are told that their actions are acceptable — maybe heroic — and must not cease. MY EDUCATION IN wartime savagery started in Bosnia in the 1990s. Reporting on the war, I visited death camps, saw civilians get shot and beaten, interviewed torturers, and was arrested multiple times for being …

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