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Happy Persian Gulf Day

The forever Persian Gulf April 29 is celebrated in Iran as ‘Persian Gulf Day’. But why do Iranians care so much about the Persian Gulf that they dedicate a day to it in their official calendar? In fact, the Persian Gulf is not just a body of water, but part …

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Why America Needs War

A timely question: Why Does the Biden administration need war, including a $1.2 trillion nuclear weapons program? War against Russia and China is currently on the drawing board of the Pentagon. Numerous US led wars since the end of what is euphemistically called the post war era: Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen…   It’s …

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11 Years of War in Syria

What started as an anti-authoritarian uprising became a brutal international proxy war. However many years pass, the solution remains the same. This week marks the 11th anniversary of the war in Syria. The war in Syria should never have reached its 11th anniversary. Only an international political settlement can put an …

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