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CIA’s Addiction to Afghanistan War

It is America’s longest overseas war and shows no clear sign of ending despite a shaky peace deal underway between the Trump administration and Taliban militants. A phased withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan over the next year could yet be derailed, resulting in continued American military operations in the …

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Dubai’s Role in Facilitating Corruption and Global Illicit Financial Flows

Dubai is just one of many enablers of global corruption, crime, and illicit financial flows, but addressing the emirate’s role presents anticorruption practitioners, law enforcement agencies, and policymakers with particularly complex challenges. A twenty-first-century city, Dubai is a global financial center, a shopper’s paradise, and an oasis for the world’s …

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Robot Generals

Will They Make Better Decisions Than Humans—Or Worse? With Covid-19 incapacitating startling numbers of U.S. service members and modern weapons proving increasingly lethal, the American military is relying ever more frequently on intelligent robots to conduct hazardous combat operations. Such devices, known in the military as “autonomous weapons systems,” include robotic sentries, battlefield-surveillance drones, …

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