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U.S. Military Aggression And Imperial Ambitions Leave A Trail Of Natural Destruction.  All under the guise of national security. On Earth Day Monday, prepare for the annual spectacle of U.S. lawmakers donning their environmentalist hats, waxing poetic about their love for the planet while disregarding the devastation their actions wreak. The …

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The Silver Bullet Against the Barbarian Invasions of the West: De-Dollarization of the International System

De-dollarization is urgent as an ethical and humanitarian imperative against the barbaric invasions of the West. On February 13, 2024, the United States Senate approved a U.S. $95 billion aid package for Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel. According to IMF Data, this package represents a higher value than the international reserves of 165 countries. …

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Nearly three-quarters of Americans say it would be ‘too risky’ to give presidents more power

Nearly three-quarters of Americans (74%) say it would be too risky to give presidents more power to deal directly with many of the nation’s problems. Americans’ views about expanding presidential power have been mostly unchanged from recent years, according to a January Pew Research Center survey of 5,140 adults Americans are generally skeptical about …

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The face of America’s third party

Robert Kennedy Jr. is the strongest third-party presidential candidate in 32 years. Many of his supporters are vaccine skeptics, and the Democrats are panicking. In 1960, America elected its first Catholic president in John F. Kennedy. He broke new ground not only with his religion, but also through opening for …

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