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Truth Has No Chance on Capitol Hill

Americans are encouraged to believe that the U.S. Congress is practically on automatic pilot to serve the public. Happily, most Americans are not so gullible and Congress receives much of the contempt it deserves in public opinion polls. But the media and the Washington establishment continue doggedly fighting against the …

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Is America a Rogue Superpower?

“Unipolar” used to mean that the United States was, at least in theory, alone in leading the world. Now “unipolar” means that the United States is alone and isolated in opposition to the world. In global affairs, a hegemon is a nation that leads because it has the consent of …

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Hawks pushing for ‘axis of evil’ reunion tour

Lumping US adversaries into a single-headed monster is a paranoid delusion used as to fuel militarism The head of Indo-Pacific Command, Admiral John Aquilino, recently warned members of the House Armed Services Committee about increasing cooperation among Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea and said, “We’re almost back to the axis of evil.” …

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US Deportation Port in Gaza

The US “port” in Gaza is not for getting things IN to Gaza. It’s about getting Palestinians OUT. It’s a scheme planned carefully by US-Israel, taking into consideration the needs also of Egypt’s élite etc. Israeli hyper-Zionists have said they would “drive the Palestinians into the Mediterranean” – and that …

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US Cluster Munition Transfer to Ukraine Ignores History of Civilian Harm

President Joe Biden’s recent decision to transfer U.S. cluster munitions to Ukraine will exacerbate a humanitarian crisis and break with a widely followed international norm. The move encourages the proliferation of weapons that have been banned by over 120 countries because they endanger civilians both during strikes and for months, years, and …

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