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From Global Poverty to Exclusion and Despair: Reversing the Tide of War and Globalization

In the new world order , sovereign countries through acts of war and “regime change”, destroys large sectors of the World population are impoverished through the concurrent imposition of deadly macro-economic reforms. This New World Order feeds on human poverty and the destruction of the environment, generates social apartheid, encourages …

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Avoiding Armageddon in Korea

Most people intuitively get it. An American preventive strike to wipe out North Korea’s nuclear bombs and ballistic missiles, or a commando raid launched with the same goal in mind, is likely to initiate a chain of events culminating in catastrophe.  That would be true above all for the roughly …

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US foreign policy

US foreign policy is such that it is still trying the maintain security atmosphere in the rest of the world in order to protect US economic interests through arms sales and to offset its trade deficit with its economic partners.

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