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American Power and World Order

Liberal interventionism, a bogus philosophy that justifies the brutal subjugation of weaker states

American wars hide behind the fraudulent concept of liberal interventionism, a bogus philosophy that justifies and rationalizes the brutal subjugation of weaker states. Empire’s accomplices in universities elevate liberal interventionism to the status of empiricism, creating and staunching an interface between academia and defense.

Regime change in the middle east is the logical extension of a new world order based on American control of global geopolitics.

These interventions represent the realisation of a nefarious agenda for world domination that extends right back to the founding of America.

The project for a new American century hypothesized by Washington think tanks has become a devastating actuality in foreign policy. Neoconservative elites have designed and enforced an agenda for the aggressive expansion of American power.

America’s superpower status affords it broad latitude in deciding which international laws it will obey. America exhibits a double standard whereby it punishes other states for not adhering to humanitarian norms it thinks it is exempt from.

The wartime practice of extraordinary rendition violates the norms of global human rights regimes. Increasingly, ethics is only a secondary consideration, an obstacle instead of a guide.

The power of the national security state is routinely used to violate the constitution, making democracy a fantasy. Draconian espionage policies are used against whistleblowers who make their crimes public knowledge. They tend to be tried in the eastern district of Virginia, where the jury sample is made up of a population who predominantly work for the CIA or NSA.

Since 9/11, US policy has been in the tradition of Stalinism, ruthlessly punishing dissidents in the war on terror. The state exhibits absolute power over debate in the public sphere. The only legitimate thought is state approved thought.

A modern empire, whose organizing principle is capitalism, is a centralized system of corporate power over nations, populations and resources. Power is utilized unilaterally to promote and enforce narrow partisan, elite agendas.

Through narrative control in the mass media, the military-industrial and intelligence complexes carefully manage perceptions of reality, indoctrinating citizens to be conformists. The corporate fourth estate dissolves free will, critical reason and thus democracy.

But at the same time, the advent of the world wide web has empowered citizens by facilitating the mass dissemination of critical narratives, most notably in the case of pacifist research collective Wikileaks, which makes state secrets a public utility. In so doing, it undercuts the power of elite privilege networks whose livelihoods depend on empire.

And the rise of competing powers like Russia and China prohibits a uni-polar world order based on unrivaled American supremacy. Increasingly, multilateralism and social democracy in the global South will play a role on the world stage, limiting the scope of American power.

For now the specter of American imperialism may seem menacing and absolute, but we must not underestimate the power of conscientious global citizenship in undermining the hegemony.

By Megan Sherman

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