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End of the EU Dream: Disengagement from Reality. America’s War against Europe

Election results of the European Parliament are the explict sign that the EU dream is coming to an end

The European Parliament (EP) election results, which are not a surprise to those who follow the course of Europe closely, but are a surprise to many, actually reflect the footprints of the global conflict on the European continent. In particular, the results in France and Germany, the two core countries of the European Union (EU), or more accurately, the strong message given by the people of these countries to the political elites, showed that change in Europe is only a matter of time.

What is referred by change here is the collapse of the EU. This collapse will happen sooner or later, so it is pointless to try to predict when it will happen. Instead, it would be much more useful to analyze the fundamental reasons that brought the political movements, which have been confirmed by these election results as candidates to be the driving force of the transformation in Continental Europe, to this point.

It was impossible not to notice for any person who has seen a little bit of Europe in the last decade and pondered on European politics

1) how European political elites have made Europe a vassal of the USA,

2) how they were disengaged from social and political realites by  drowning in gender, climate, multiculturalism and identity politics, and, most importantly,

3) how they sacrificed national economies by surrendering their will to the absolute hegemony of the USA on the continent. Here, Europe’s disengagement with reality and the collapse of the EU emerged as a result of the articulation of these three rings to the chain of history. Most people in the world were not aware of this rupture and collapse, thanks to the incredible brainwashing of the mainstream global media. The AP election results brought this awareness to the world public.

Let’s discuss it with a little more details.

First, what do we mean by Europe becoming a vassal of the USA?

What is called ‘European integration’ was actually a designation in the political literature of a very well-established mechanism for controlling the nation states in Europe in accordance with the geopolitical interests of the USA through the appointed bureaucracy (Commission) in Brussels (but many people are just now realizing this).

This ‘European integration’, a seventy-year-old story, meant that the political power holders in the member countries surrendered their legitimacy to the USA through the Commission in Brussels. This vassal relationship in fact explains us why the Commission and the governments of many EU countries unconditionally say yes to even the very simple request (order) of the USA in the Ukraine war.

Secondly, the central politics in Europe has become almost completely disconnected from social and economic problems and has become so trapped in gender and multiculturalism debates, as well as micro identity politics, that these neo-liberal policies and practices are destroying Europe’s order, which has been constructed as a result of hundreds of years of paying the price. In other words, neo-liberalism, sanctified by narrative of freedom, digged a pit for Europe and prepared its collapse. In this context, conflicts produced by fundamental cultural differences caused by illegal migrations; allowance of the refugees to appear to be occupying or taking over the country where they have been taken refuge in with some outdated mentalities, instead of ensuring their integration with well-planned strategies, had never gotten along with the sociological realities of Europe. Finally, it was faced with the fact that the neo-liberal imposition on European societies to tolerate them under the name of multiculturalism was not sustainable.

Thirdly, European politicians, who have already lost their power to resist the US hegemony over Europe, have not been able to establish the ground to recover their economies, which have been shaken since the 2008 crisis. Ongoing global vulnerabilities, the war in Ukraine and the blows dealt to European industry by the US strategy of separating Europe from Russia have increased the costs of European industrial production so much that the production costs of both basic goods, durable consumer goods and technological products have increased, and as a consequence, an inflationary environment, global uncompetitiveness, stagnation and even recession in some economies emerged. Ultimately, a distorted economic order was established in Europe, where only the interests of global financial actors and large multinational companies were taken into consideration, the purchasing power of labor declined significantly, and at this point, the states that were supposed to tackle with social and economic injustices came under the command of those multinational structures.

So, the EP election results are the reaction of the European people to this distortion.

The interesting point here is that the demands of the society, which began to be crushed under this distorted economic order, were transformed into collective reaction and votes at the polls by nationalist right-leaning parties instead of the European left. The reason for this is very simple: Since the left in Europe was completely disengaged from economic problems and class struggles and abandoned its historical role in gender, identity and climate debates, nationalist parties filled this gap. For this reason, in France, Le Pen’s National Rally (RN) became the first party with 32% of the votes, and in Germany, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) became the second party, surpassing the ruling Social Democrat-Green-Liberal coalition, and the national left-wing Sahra Wagenknecht Alliance (BSW) made a considerable jump. It seems that average European citizens are tired of Europe’s direct involvement in endless conflicts, inflation and decreasing wealth, gender and identity impositions of neo-liberalism, socio-cultural conflicts created by unplanned migration, and the global policies of the USA, and they are turning to nationalist parties that understand these complaints well enough.

These results point to a significant change in Europe’s future political landscape that will profoundly influence economic, migration and security policies.

The nationalist tendency, which has become a wave in Europe, is also likely to trigger a change in the US presidential elections in November, as the latest polls in the USA showing that Trump is ahead of Biden, especially after the latest verdict of conviction. In the case of Trump becoming president again in the USA, Le Pen’s presidency in France before 2027, and AfD’s march to power in Germany has now become a serious scenario.

The election results and the increasing possibility of this scenario coming true are the explict sign that the EU dream is coming to an end, and the course of history (which may be interrupted for a while by war) shows that Le Pen in France and the AfD in Germany will hand in hand dissolve the EU!

By:  Barış Hasan

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